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Ic AD1885JST

Not only because of LG and IC AD1885JST and Samsung already have three 3G terminal technology, and more importantly, the two mobile phone manufacturers have very strong technical reserves and a wealth of practical experience, and maintain in-depth with the operator cooperation. According to Reuters, despite the global memory supplier slashed capital spending in 2008, but the Japanese semiconductor equipment factory Nikon (Nikon) and Canon (Canon) is invariably expected, panels and logic IC for Stockist for immersion lithography (Immersion Scanner) demand will surge.

AD1885JST Suppliers

Taiwan IC design industry frankly, as customers cut onto the end of November before a single, less alone, hence, the entire end-market and AD1885JST Suppliers and industrial OEM chain inventory adjustment action, see to not end in a short time, which is bound to affect the 1st quarter of 2008, customer orders will. While buying the past few years the Chinese New Year season is the strongest line of defense together, so that Taiwan IC design companies have shown impressive results each year in January, but difficult in 2007, Happy Christmas, the 2008 Chinese New Year whether the rich can continue to congratulate , there appears to be no small variable.

AD1885JST Price

its Yuru Yang Zhi, Li Qi, SQ, Mao Da, ENE, caused by a new, Sonix and AD1885JST Price and ITE and other local IC design industry, have begun to pass Q4 revenue out of fear is not as expected, and may decline over the first three quarters of bad news, with the November results of the performance of near-collapse, so that Taiwan-based IC design sector recently lowered earnings forecast again cast a bearish fundamentals shadow, coupled with erosion of profit performance bonus to employees the bad news has yet to be completely removed, the recent IC design sector was again poured cold water.

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