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These sensors will integrate industry-standard parallel port, so that sensors can be directly connected to most of the mobile phone processor. Full range of sensors will be integrated Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance 1GHz single or double set the camera serial (CSI-2), as well as standard mobile imaging architecture (SMIA) Working Group to develop the 650Mbit / s compact camera port (CCP2) These interfaces can reduce the benefits of the product shape and IC AD1986AJSTZ and size to support high data rate, high-speed image transfer.

AD1986AJSTZ Suppliers

devices with enhanced SG-II CMOS process, the wide swing in the analog signal processing, the channels typical turn-off leakage current less than 3pA. The parasitic capacitance of the source is turned off only 3pF, charge injection is less than 2pC, in order to achieve accurate, low surge switching performance.

AD1986AJSTZ Price

China Unicom uses unified network platform from the existing smooth transition to the IPv6 network programs. Through the high-end dual-stack router, with overlay network approach to the original IPv4 network and AD1986AJSTZ Price and IPv6 backbone connectivity, thus ensuring no large-scale duplication in the case of investment from IPv4 to IPv6 achieved a smooth transition. The co-operation with China Unicom all equipment manufacturers constituted by a foreign army, in which Juniper Unicom signed with the United States about 400 million worth of high-end IPv6 routers supply contract. It is reported that quality assurance is the key technology and equipment providers China Unicom selected key IPv6.

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