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(E-market network exclusive coverage) DRAM contract prices decline for four consecutive months after termination, the contract price in late December were flat or even inverted up signal occurs, the large customers Dell, Hewlett-Packard case of large-scale orders, DDR2 marked decline in inventories, market began to appear late in the warm winter. It is reported that due to numerous manufacturers converted production capacity flash memory production, coupled with weak prices of the previous DDR2, DDR2 supply reduction on the market, DDR2 specifications growing demand for personal computers, and IC AD204JY and the rate of increasing demand, it also directly stimulate customer purchases, the Dealer demand recently has started to feel the signs of thawing. Industry said that as the business PC market for the growing demand for DDR2 specification, OEM manufacturers were forced to purchase DDR2 capacity continues to expand, with current DDR2 price is less than DDRI, makes the OEM manufacturers for the procurement of DDR2 will surge, DDR2 become schedule is not far from the mainstream. Optimistic forecast, with increased demand, DDR2 bullish first quarter of next year, big chance. DDR2 market needs warming, Nanya, ProMOS have said yesterday, the previous Intel chipset shortage situation has not become a burden on ship DDR2, DDR2 demand was warming conditions, ProMOS DDR2 directed at next years OEM customers will demand more, no less in the second quarter is expected to become the market mainstream. On the other hand, a marked decline in inventories as DDR2, DDR2 specifications growing demand for personal computers, Samsung recently for regional distributors around the world wrote to tell, due to the current OEM computer makers have been unable to meet the procurement requirements DDR2, therefore, the same can not be take care of distributors around the demand for DDR2, and that to the end of the first quarter of 2006, OEM manufacturers DDR2 shortage situation, converting to an effective solution. Price is less than current DDR2 with DDR, DDR2 various OEM manufacturers will surge for the procurement, supply and demand gap is expected to the recent rapid expansion of DDR2.

AD204JY Suppliers

" by and AD204JY Suppliers and embedded Flash technology, one giant Infineons world-class cooperation, we will increase the proportion of investment in the semiconductor industry. "IBM Global Engineering Solutions is responsible for semiconductors, said Steve Longoria, vice president." The authentication protocol will provide us with the technical basis of popular support and improve our similarities and mixed-signal expertise. "

AD204JY Price

flash memory is the gun aimed at the personal computer first priority: critical data storage. flash memory, which retain data even after power to stop the memory chips in addition to seize the opportunity to replace the hard drive in the music players status in the data storage, it now Start coveted personal computer. However, experts say, despite the flash memory chips are smaller in size and AD204JY Price and capacity according to customer needs, etc., they are still not in 2006, even after a few years time to replace the main hard disk as a mainstream PC data storage media, because their production costs higher and lower potential storage capacity; and small size to 1 inch, the capacity of about 4GB, 3.5-inch large, ranging from capacity of about 500GB hard drive is still the most cost effective method of storage, the lowest price $ 40 maximum of 200 dollars.

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