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Yan Xiaobing, general manager of Gome had also said that "within the Fourth Ring of the property for basic household appliances shop store without a" home appliance store in Beijing is now focused on Three Ring, with the outward expansion of the city, after 5 years may no longer be the main store, while the suburbs there are relatively large consumption potential, which is the focus of future United States market.

AD22057R Suppliers

(Electronic markets Reuters) Municipal Bureau of Labor Insurance to the latest job market report shows that a quarter of the city labor market, there is still the state of Enthusiasm, "Electronic technology" hot talent, salary straight million; and AD22057R Suppliers and beauty salons and other industries, A Lu-yu cold, beauty salons related jobs on average every 3 jobs, only one city candidates. Shanghai labor market in the first quarter 5 favorite Occupation: Electronic engineering and technical personnel, administrative clerks, accountants, computer generic operators, print operators. 5 upsets Occupation: Mechanical processing technology, automotive production and technical personnel, catering service, beauty salon staff, property management service. Positions from the first quarter of the supply and demand situation, the employer is the biggest demand for electronic engineering and technical personnel, the number needs to reach 07,300, a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan straight high number, low number of not less than 1,500 yuan. The Chief Clerk is still in demand, but salary disparities, the high number of monthly salary of up to 6,000 yuan, but the low number of only 1,000 yuan. Shanghai public recruitment network statistics, a quarter of employers were hiring nearly 4,000 workers of CNC machine tools, open up a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan, but the results come less than 1,000 candidates. To work as the representative of CNC machining a gap in supply of technical staff once again highlights the shortage of highly skilled city status. In recent years, various types of beauty salon staff increased the number of training classes, the number of candidates in the first quarter of this year than the same period last year, three percent, but the beauty salon with the rapid development of the enormous chain of the industry who are still quite different than the demand far. At present, the beauty salon every 3 related job positions, only one city candidates.

AD22057R Price

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