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ower supply output voltage and IC AD2S83APZ and output current I through the voltage and current zero-crossing detection circuit processing changes in the level of the pulse sent into CPLD ARM panel issued after the PWM pulse temporal logic operations to form four mutually supportive IGBT pulse signal, pulse and then after 4 and isolated IGBT driver added after the IGBT gate circuit to control the opening and off IG2BT. ARM chopper controlled by the pulse duty cycle, you can manually set the keys.

AD2S83APZ Suppliers

After nearly 10 years of efforts, China has become the first electro-acoustic devices largest producer and AD2S83APZ Suppliers and exporter, electro-acoustic products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. Now, the industry exports 80% of business enterprises, large enterprises through the ISO9000 series of quality certification, in recent years have been a number of export-oriented enterprises to obtain QS-9000 certification to the international market to get a "green card." take the road of specialization and cooperation to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry

AD2S83APZ Price

digital high definition television can bring the modern family to enjoy high-quality video and AD2S83APZ Price and audio. First, the HD programming is 16:9 aspect ratio signal, features more in line with the perspective of people in the popular wide-screen television, not a black top and bottom of the screen masking, full screen display, more open vision. Second, the resolution of HD programming is 4 times the regular TV, you can clearly see on the TV screen every detail screen, the TV show sign of trouble at a glance. In addition, the voice of HD programming in Dolby 5.1 surround sound signal is analog TV signals and standard definition television signals that are not, so the user can sit at home to the home theater experience. As peoples living standards improve, more and more popular high-definition TV is already out. Many people think that to buy "high-definition TV," you can see high-definition television programs, on the contrary, there is no access to high-definition signals, high-definition TV can not play its due effect. As the current "high-definition TV" is just in line with the requirements of the definition, does not have the processing power of digital high definition signal, still belong to analog TV, but still need by "high-definition digital TV set-top boxes" converted to high-definition analog signals (component signal YPBPR) or high-definition digital signal (HDMI). Therefore, in order to enjoy true HD at home, home theater, you must have high-definition TV, HDTV channels and high-definition set-top boxes, and digital cable TV in Beijing is the pilot to promote community and non-alien receives a small front-end user community, only four who are in place, can truly understand the charm of high-definition television.

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