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Ic AD515LH

EDR has introduced two new power solid state relays - EDR82958 (H1L30A6/12/d) and IC AD515LH and EDR82959 (H1L30D12/12/d). The input / output using optical coupling, high-end products can be controlled up to 5,300 V voltage and low-end products up to 2,500 V voltage. H1L series relay with SIP8 package size is 1.48mm × 0.38mm × 0.688mm. Equipped with solid state (1FormA +1 FormB) Relay SPDT / DPST series for different levels of voltage and current. EDR82958 design uses ± 30V DC voltage (21V AC voltage) power supply, impedance is 0.02Ω, the current up to 6A; EDR82953 design uses a 30V DC voltage supply, when the impedance as low as 0.01Ω, the current up to 12A. EDR82958 originally designed for large-scale military equipment, PA systems and distribution of audio power supply rectifier. Thus providing a variety of different levels of voltage and current combinations, SPDT / DPST for DC / AC motor control, robotics, medical equipment, railway and traffic control, consumer products, industrial control, test and measurement equipment and I / O sub- systems. Since the market later, EDR82958 has now been used to control the coil and the DC / AC motors and signal conversion modules, power distribution and power feedback system. Equipped with SPDT / DPST solid state relays power relays that EDR in the market has a strong competitive advantage. 1FormA and 1FormB precise time control of the terminal to achieve a true transformation before break, allowing the terminal as SPDT or 1 / 2 of the same bridge to connect the drive. Has a dual function solid state input control and cut off the two outputs (terminal) and external power loss to a minimum (wait state). The device is priced at $ 30 prime.

AD515LH Suppliers

Strong growth in mobile phone market, the corresponding panel to promote the mobile phone market to develop. The current message, according to DisplaySearchs report, the global mobile phone market in the panel to the (2009), only 4% annual growth forecast this year is expected to create 14% of success, up to 1.6 billion in shipments of 80 million. Mobile phone panel shipments in the first quarter because of seasonal factors reduced by 10% over the previous quarter, but 25% more than last year, reaching 300 000 000 70500000; a reduction in volume, coupled with the average selling price fell 4%, resulting in the quarter output by 13% over the previous quarter. In addition, DisplaySearch estimated that in the second quarter shipments of approximately 400 million 1.3 million, an increase of 9% over the previous quarter, an increase of 8% over last year; in the third quarter of up to 400 million 51.8 million over the previous quarter, an increase of 11% over the same period last year an increase of 6%.

AD515LH Price

However, market veteran Chun-shan said, for now, unless the conflict continues to deepen, or change in shareholding will not be affected. According to Osram, and AD515LH Price and the Buddha has no possibility of separation, because both have interests in many projects in common.

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