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[NEW YORK News Beijing July 27] as this year's most popular business phone, the Nokia E71 is simply all over filled, and IC AD5322BRMZ and the popular full keyboard, a popular metal business, all this like a perfect match, sought after by people. Mi friends network business recently quoted, licensed Nokia E71 has dropped to 2,199 yuan, the price to a higher level, interested friends up shot it !

AD5322BRMZ Suppliers

different for the industry The "eGPS" technology, Woosung as also made a detailed introduction. With traditional GPS technology and AD5322BRMZ Suppliers and A-GPS technology, "eGPS (increase based global positioning system)" is the CSRs patented technology, which through the satellites and base stations for location triangulation, and the use of precise time difference to calculate the object is located. eGPS can do more accurate than the A-GPS, 100 meters, the base station layout in many cases, it even is a 10-50 meter accuracy. eGPS positioning technology to integrate the phone into a feasible plan. Share resources with the Bluetooth radio and the host platform using the existing memory and processing power, CSR reduce chip cost, but also achieved significant power and performance improvements. CSRs eGPS to demand in all environments - even deep indoors can also provide users with faster, more accurate location information.

AD5322BRMZ Price

BOE Wang Dongsheng, chairman of introduction, the project is the first 8th-generation LCD production line, "BOE will strive to make it into the most competitive 8-generation LCD line, and AD5322BRMZ Price and therefore welcomed the nearest supplier to achieve complete. "Reportedly, the project construction time is about 26 months, is expected to be put into operation in October 2011. Post-production to 90,000 per month around the country each year contribute about 40 billion tax.

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