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Second, the industrial pattern of LED obvious advantages LEDs investment is relatively small. LED billion initial investment can plant, the Year optoelectronics, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics and IC AD542SH and other resources within the industry know LED industry at risk three, LED industry thought 3, focus on supporting the Government

AD542SH Suppliers

3C collaboration is the development of global electronic information industry, the common trend, China is Chinas IGRS standard enterprise to break the monopoly of international standards and AD542SH Suppliers and technical barriers, to seize the future of international electronic information industry an important force in the development of the strategic high ground. IGRS and industry to accelerate the process of comprehensive follow-up, is inseparable from the promotion of national industry giants. As a "IGRS" standard advocated by manufacturers of the earliest, the Great Wall of computer-related charge, said: "4 years ago, from digital televisions to worry about in the DVD, 3C industry patent controversy continued, there is no standard-setting power, the market is the lack of a wide range of identity means the loss of a huge market and economic interests; IT interconnection between the devices is the field of information high ground, who occupy a place in this, will be able to dominate the competition. Meanwhile, the domestic enterprises , the development of standards has become a new deal to join WTO, an important means of competition, the patent simply can not meet the development needs of competition, building standard IPR system as the core enterprises has become an important means of leaps and bounds. "

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However, with Siemens (Siemens) mobile phone manufacturers in Turkey, the first mobile phone to the world's new C45 series, the first through the Short Message Service (SMS) Battle of the Mobile Game "BattleMail", will further stimulate mobile games huge market potential.

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