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Ic AD588AQ

Intel official reason for the absence of some brands to say that CES, being held in the United States, some brands of prototype transferred to the U.S. exhibitors, the domestic non-prototype; In addition, This release of the 45-nanometer notebook chips only need to upgrade the CPU and IC AD588AQ and the BIOS, so time to market of new products they will not slow.

AD588AQ Suppliers

SE2547A and AD588AQ Suppliers and SE2548A are complete 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN RF front-end module for dual-band Wi-Fi ? system provides transceiver and antenna between all the necessary functions. Each device modules are fully tested and integrated the necessary power amplifiers, filters, power detector, diversity switch, diplexers and associated matching circuitry, and the size of only 25 square millimeters, only about the current market one-third of front-end module size. This highly integrated RF front-end push makes these new modules are suitable for portable and consumer applications, such as personal computers with mini-card. In fact, these two devices integrate footprint, just past the area of a device so small consumer applications can also provide higher throughput and performance to support emerging wireless multimedia applications, such as within the family media distribution.

AD588AQ Price

Performance Summary: LTC1860/LTC1861/LTC1864/LTC1865 ?-40oC to 125oC assurance ? 250ksps sampling rate ? Pin and AD588AQ Price and software compatible MSOP-8 (LTC1860 / LTC1864) and MSOP-10 (LTC1861/LTC1865) package ? 16-bit resolution (LTC1864/LTC1865) ? 12 bit resolution (LTC1860/LTC1861) ? a single differential input (LTC1860/LTC1864) ? Dual single-ended input (LTC1861 / LTC1865) ? Low supply current - 250ksps when 850uA - 1ksps when 2uA ? 3 wire SPI-compatible serial interface

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