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Ic AD590JH

Maxim introduced DS75LX digital temperature sensor that allows an I2C communication bus with up to 27 addresses. The temperature sensor has a three-way dedicated address pins can be set in any of three states: connected to GND, VDD or left floating, can provide 27 kinds of address combinations. Most competitive products only allow three address pins to GND or VDD, can only provide up to eight addresses. When the time with multiple I2C devices, DS75LX provide additional addresses greatly simplifies the application, making it ideal for base stations, network and IC AD590JH and telecommunications equipment, and other distributed temperature sensing system. 1.7V to 3.7V DS75LX work in low supply voltage, can be directly connected to low voltage power supply voltage. Temperature sensor is factory calibrated in the whole supply voltage range and -25 ° C to +100 ° C wide temperature range with ± 2.0 ° C (max) accuracy. In the -55 ° C to +125 ° C for the entire operating temperature range, the device has a ± 3.0 ° C (max) accuracy. 9 user-selectable, 10-bit, 11 bit or 12-bit digital temperature readings be reported to achieve a 0.5 ° C (9 bit) to 0.0625 ° C (12 bit) resolution. DS75LX also has thermostat functionality, built-in user can set the threshold point, allowing for custom threshold temperature and output hysteresis. In addition, the device also comes with an optional bus timeout feature, when the occupation of the bus when the preset time, the release of the data bus. This will prevent the two-wire bus latch phenomenon may occur. DS75LX function, pin and software compatible with the common DS75, it can be easily ported to low-voltage design. The device is lead-free, 8-pin μSOP (μMAX ?) package and 8-pin SO package.

AD590JH Suppliers

Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has introduced a degree of accuracy in the + / -1 ℃ range of the remote junction temperature sensor and AD590JH Suppliers and local temperature sensor integrated into the device-TMP411, used to monitor CPU, microprocessors, graphics processing units and FPGAs thermal diode. The device is unique in that its not only features programmable series resistance cancellation and diode non-ideality correction which simplify and remove the common remote diode monitoring of individual processor resistance calibration process, saving time. TMP411 can be a wide variety of applications for the cooling system management functions, such as industrial controllers, servers, desktops, laptops and medical equipment. Other applications include central office telecom equipment, LCD / DLP ? / LCOS projectors, storage area networks and processor / FPGA temperature monitoring. TMP411 has programmable over-temperature and due to temperature (under-temperature) threshold, as well as potentially dangerous thermal environments on the immediate response to the alarm pin. Therefore, it can prevent system damage and enabling systems to run continuously with minimal interruption, the programmable non-ideality factor correction can be used with any processor on the diode non-ideality factor. TMP411 not only compatible with the standard two-wire interface I2C/SMBus work, but also in -40 ℃ to 125 ℃ in the temperature range of 9-12 resolution, and remote temperature range can be as high as 150 ℃. In order to reduce power consumption, TMP411 can be put into sleep mode reducing current consumption to 10uA. Availability in a small 8-pin MSOP package TMP411 is available now through TI and its authorized distributors. 8-pin SO package version will be available the second quarter of 2007. TI offers analog engineers a wide range of infrastructure support, including training and seminars, design tools and utilities, technical documentation, evaluation modules, an online KnowledgeBase, a product information hotline and a timely and thoughtful sampling service.

AD590JH Price

Asustek recently introduced a Socket F motherboard supports "KFN5-D SLI", the motherboard uses the latest NVIDIA "nForce Professional 3600/3050 chipset combination to support AMD Socket F interface processor, dual core, providing two PCI Express x16 slots, when using two graphics cards in SLI mode, two slots to x8 mode. Also the motherboard is also equipped with a PCI Express x1, one PCI, eight memory slots (support DDR2 533/667, ECC / Registered, most can be expanded to 32GB of memory. In Meng Xiaosu view, Qi Fang lost sales is not just some of the risk transfer, but also enable the purchaser to obtain a part of the income, if you want to cancel Forward House, is a direct consequence of the house prices rising more violent, could be further from the requirements of the people.

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