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5 27, the BOE issued a proclamation declaring the company in Chengdu will be the 4.5 generation of small-size LCD panel production line replenishment 2.4 billion yuan, while the joint ventures registered capital of Chengdu, to 11 billion. As BOE said the move is to ensure the timely construction of the production line. After the capital increase, in Chengdu BOE BOE increased from 18.18% registered capital increased to 90.91%. According to the original plan, intended to BOE in the form of private placement to raise funds for the Chengdu BOE in additional programs have been authorized by the SFC under the premise of BOE can not continue to wait decided to invest its own funds first. For this "wait" in one fell swoop, BOE Deputy General Manager Office of the relevant staff member explained: The company hopes the project will be launched as soon as possible. An industry source, a 4.5-generation production line from the foundation to take 18 to 24 months, left early to go to the Shanghai Tianma will be achieved around the third quarter of this year, large-scale production. Chengdu BOE last month, the foundation, a conservative estimate in early 2010 should be put into mass production. According to BOE Deputy General Managers Office introduced the third quarter of next year, you can achieve mass production. However, the above evaluation of the industry, it is likely the third quarter of next year, Chengdu BOE can not fully scale production. Perhaps it is imminent sense of urgency, to use its own funds to start the BOE Chengdu, the first 4.5-generation line, which began before the influx of competitors to seize the small and IC AD611JH and medium sized panel market. According to informed sources told reporters, Shenzhen Airlines (Shenzhen Tianmas controlling shareholder) and Wuhan East Lake will use the Shanghai Tianmas 4.5-generation line technology, joint investment in Wuhan, a 4.5 generation line. Expected to invest 30 billion, at the end of 2009, mass production, the annual output of 49.65 million. Reporters on the matter to the Deputy General Manager Liu Changqing Shenzhen Tianma confirmation, he said the two sides are discussing the current stage, to disclose more details. The industry said that, as early as this years Industry Fair, the local government and Shenzhen Airlines to conduct an active consultations and signed a letter of intent. Medium and Small panel demand

AD611JH Suppliers

Well-known camera brand Ahmed Fox, launched the "hundred days in 2009 expansion plans, the national tour hundred field" event, staged in Nanjing on September 5, the day coincided with the weekend in Nanjing, China Sea around 3C Digital Square were milling around the head, many consumers have been Ahmad Fox attracted this event, bursting with !

AD611JH Price

Avago Technologies (AvagoTechnologies) today announced the launch of a low thermal resistance SOT-89 package economical high linearity silicon bipolar Darlington Amplifier ADA-4789, the operating frequency up to 2.5GHz. ADA-4789 Absolute stability and AD611JH Price and wide bandwidth performance, make it suitable for cellular base stations of the IF (intermediate frequency) amplifier and pre-driver amplifier applications. The amplifier is also suitable for direct broadcast satellite and cable TV infrastructure, IF amplifier. In addition, its built-in 50 ohm matching circuit also simplifies the design complexity and shorten the product time to market. ADA-4789 is Avago silicon bipolar Darlington amplifier in the new series of products. According to reports, 3.8V/60mA power budget, ADA-4789 provides 32.6dBm at 900MHz, the OIP3 (linearity), 17.1dBm output power, 16.5dB gain and 4.2dB noise figure; in 2Ghz Time provides a 28.8dBm of OIP3, 16.2dBm of output power and 4.4dB noise figure. 4.1V/80mA power at a higher budget, ADA-4789 at 900MHz performance when you can to 33.2dBm of OIP3, 18.8dBm output power, 16.9dB gain and 4.2dB noise figure.

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