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Ic AD625CD

With Tin Road Zhuolu County silicon photovoltaic Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. registered, Zhuolu County, solar energy photovoltaic industry enterprises reached 13, 106 units silicon furnace, monocrystalline silicon slicing machine 4, the industry has taken shape, involving polycrystalline silicon, monocrystalline silicon, silicon chips, solar cells and IC AD625CD and cutting fluid, and other ancillary areas.

AD625CD Suppliers

In addition, for the eight new products, NEC Electronics for the first time the number of pins required for debugging (in addition to power supply is used) from the original four reduced to 1, 16 new products, the flash memory programming voltage is reduced from the original 2.7V 1.8V, therefore, such as mobile terminals and AD625CD Suppliers and other battery-powered products in use, easy to use software to upgrade the client to easily improve product features.

AD625CD Price

According to foreign media reports, the research firm ICInsights has named its first quarter of 2007 top 20 semiconductor manufacturers, Intel and AD625CD Price and Samsung, though still sit tight in the crown, runner-up the throne, but other manufacturers rankings changed a lot. The report shows that the first quarter of this year, Intel and Samsung are still sit tight for Champion, throne, sales were 8.015 billion and 4.697 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, compared with the end of 2006 rankings, Sony, Hynix and Toshiba are to enhance the ranking of the two, while Micron and Elpida increase 3 and 5, respectively. In contrast, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics, TSMC, Freescale, NEC, IBM and Fujitsus rankings were declined. The following is the first quarter of 2007 ranked the top 20 semiconductor companies: 1. Intel, sales of 8.015 billion U.S. dollars, ranked 12 in 2006. Samsung, sales of 4.697 billion U.S. dollars, ranked 23 in 2006. Toshiba, sales $ 6,249,000,000, in 2006 ranked 54. Texas Instruments, sales of $ 3,115,000,000, in 2006 ranked 3 5.Hynix, sales of 2.568 billion U.S. dollars, ranked No. 76 in 2006. STMicroelectronics sales of 2.269 billion USD 06 ranked 4 7.Renesas, sales of 1.949 billion U.S. dollars, ranked 88 in 2006. TSMC, sales of 1.922 billion U.S. dollars, ranked No. 69 in 2006. Sony, sales of $ 1,843,000,000, 06 years ranked 11 10.NXP, sales of 1.461 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 06 10 11.Micron, sales of 1.442 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 06 14 12. Freescale sales of $ 1,295,000,000, 06 # 9 13. Qimonda sales of $ 1,290,000,000, in 2006 ranked 15 14.NEC, sales of $ 1,280,000,000, 06 No. 12 15. high-pass sales $ 1,259,000,000, in 2006 ranked 17 16. British Feiling sales of $ 1,256,000,000, in 2006 ranked 16 17.AMD, sales of $ 1,233,000,000, in 2006 ranked 13 18.Elpida, sales of $ 1,207,000,000, in 2006 ranked 23 19.IBM, sales $ 1,160,000,000, in 2006 ranked 18 20. Fujitsu sales 1.047 billion U.S. dollars, ranking 19th in 2006

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