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hand-held GPS receiver, users are generally more like traveling, hiking, outdoor adventure to young people. They need to understand the latitude and IC AD6432AST and longitude, direction and height data, while under the cliff in the woods or may not receive when the GPS satellite signals, so that some models of handheld GPS receivers to attach an electronic compass and barometric altimeter, such as GARMIN VISTA, Magellan explorer 600 and so on. As before the high-precision pressure sensor magnetoresistive sensor and the cost is relatively high, resulting in the cost of handheld GPS receivers do not fall down, limiting the size of the market. Now, with the emergence of low-cost high-precision pressure sensor, which I believe will be relatively large part of the market growth.

AD6432AST Suppliers

high-tech industry is around an atmosphere of frustration, but at least just the red LED industry, the strong development. According to data from Databeans Inc, LED lighting is expected in 2008 to 4 billion market size. The company also forecasts total LED market will reach an annual growth rate of 35% is expected in 2013, LED market to grow to 1.8 billion.

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, According to Beijing, January 13 Reuters, said officials of the Ministry of Information Industry, to actively promote the reform of management of telecommunications charges, the final decision in the hands of the tariff business, returned to the market. Minister of Information Industry Wang Xudong is 12-13 at the National Information Industry Working Conference for the above statement. At present, most mobile phones and AD6432AST Price and phone charges still in place, "government pricing" or "government guidance." Telecommunications Regulation in China is not mature in the case, this pricing helps to maintain the orderly development of the telecommunications industry. With several telecom industry restructuring, increasingly competitive market, the major operator price war to compete for market share. Telecommunications experts, operators seek competitive advantages to the price means, that compared to government pricing, basic telecom tariffs decline in profit margins is still much space. Wang Xudong, Telecom did not give a specific timetable for tariff reform. For the controversy about the price war, experts say, because "there is no effective domestic means of telecommunications regulation", with the domestic telecom companies are still not an objective of cost accounting system, which to some extent, government departments is difficult to distinguish between existing prices Battle of the "moderate" and "vicious." It is said, has been submitted to State Council for consideration of the "Telecommunications Act" draft of concern focus on telecom tariff issues described. It is understood, the Bill provides for the implementation of the transitional tariff principles of telecommunications, the progressive introduction of telecommunications charges by the government price, government guidance to regulated by the market transition. Some analysts say the "Telecommunications Law" draft on the future pricing of telecommunications charges, provided a more relaxed legal space, "Telecommunications Law" is most likely to come out in 2005.

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