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Chinas exports in the world LED market, a large share, especially in recent years, increasing year by year growth trend. According to the survey, Chinas share of raw materials, the absolute advantage of low labor costs, is the worlds principal place of purchasing LED products. Currently able to compete with the export volume of Chinas LED countries only the United States, Japan and IC AD6600AST and other major powers, as the global LED outreach continues to expand, market competition has intensified. According to Greenman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd Zhongshan City Huajie Shao Ling, general manager of the company LED export tens of millions of dollars in exports, 80% of the total output, and more than 30% increase every year, exports to the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain and South Africa, the Middle East and other regions. The Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta region and other developed areas in the manufacturing industry, represented by, more and more enterprises to participate in the LED to a flood of export competition. LED is a new semiconductor light source, with energy saving advantages. In the case of similar color effects, LED lighting and fluorescent lamps compared to saving at least 60% or more, and do not contain mercury, no waste, no UV light.

AD6600AST Suppliers

"LED landscape lighting is the Water Cube last the entire systems engineering process. Is like building a house, a good frame structure, but also in need of decoration. The final hurdle is to lamp, our study is the work! "China Electronics Technology Group, thirteen senior Zhu Xiaodong, told reporters as the main lighting research team members involved in the design and AD6600AST Suppliers and testing of them, they feel very proud.

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Landscape major sports venues, night light, is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games a spectacle. Among them, the worlds largest membrane structure "Water Cube", especially eye-catching. After nightfall, its Crystal Palace as a square quietly nestled in the "Birds Nest" next to the whole body exudes the charm of a deep ocean blue. Achievements in this beautiful "Water Cube", is the LED (light emitting diode) landscape lighting project.

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