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Ic AD667JN

"Avago has launched the latest from the input solution to meet the market needs to offer a mobile and IC AD667JN and portable devices like the mouse cursor joystick or navigation, while Ultra-compact embedded use small button advanced analog input device needs. "Avago Technologies business of mobile input devices, senior vice president and general manager of Khin-Mien Chong pointed out that" this solution with a central button to enter the unique arrangement can support include drag and drop features one-hand operation, in addition, provide the input module also features digital shake with wheel backward compatibility switch mode to facilitate the users first. "

AD667JN Suppliers

AMRT-1410 and AD667JN Suppliers and AMRI-2000 input mode of operation of the solution can be changed dynamically for the application of any active control to bring the best user experience, In addition, and scroll function with digital switching mode to provide backward compatibility to users can also navigate the familiar menus and a list of interfaces, such as navigation pad can be used as game applications, analog joystick, menu guide Facts and phonebook or MP3 list scrolling wheel features a digital four-way switch, as well as web browsing and graphics of the mouse applications.

AD667JN Price

Avago latest input device solution combines AMRT-1410 ultra-compact navigation pad module and AD667JN Price and AMRI-2000 Mobile Navigation Sense and the interface chip, which AMRT-1410 in an ultra-compact package, integrated with the automatic compression feature set directly fixed buttons in accordance with the requirements of various industrial design customized, AMRI-2000 IC enables the input module to the input function with rotary disc Four-way switch to operate or eight, or as a unique guide provides the user a new experience, for example, or a long list of quick menu scrolling and panning, effects similar to web browsing mouse, drag and drop operation and enables handheld mobile gaming more comfortable handling and smooth control of the analog joystick analog mouse or joystick functions. In addition, this input device solution embedded capacitive sense technology, no longer have to skin contact without the navigation pad to the operation, therefore, end-users will be able to have the case with a glove but also the benefits of operating the input device.

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