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Ic AD7224KN

Ministry of Information Industry data released before: Chinas electronics industry during the first half of 2005 the cumulative total profit of 33.6 billion yuan, down 5.5%, while the profit margin is only 3.3 % year on year drop of 0.8 percentage points, the lowest level since 1999. Therefore, to achieve seamless connectivity and IC AD7224KN and maintain sustainable development, mobility, more security and comfort will become the automotive industry through continuous technological innovation to achieve.

AD7224KN Suppliers

If the world as a whole, there are many factors in changing our lives, including: increased global liquidity; shortage of natural resources; economic balance is changing , the worlds center of gravity has shifted to Asia from the West; environmental increasingly play an important role; population balance is changing, and AD7224KN Suppliers and especially the fastest population growth in Asia; people more safety and security performance requirements; This is a the era of personalized advocacy; the same time, the demand for information and communication will show continued growth.

AD7224KN Price

"class = high-quality vehicle," a concept everyones mind had already been deep-rooted. Unlike consumer electronics products because of low-cost, fast time to market, automotive semiconductor above the level of security on top of all the needs. 20PPM error in terms of consumer product manufacturers is worth winning, but for automotive semiconductor makers, it was a crisis. However, such requirements are too harsh and AD7224KN Price and did not discourage the enthusiasm of vendors actively entered. For them, the automotive semiconductor 4% average annual growth rate, and longer product life cycle has been sufficiently attractive.

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