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ased on Nehalem architecture Jasper Forest: In addition to an integrated memory controller, Nehalem, some of which have been outside, Jasper Forest and IC AD736JRZ and integration of the PCI Express 2.0, I / O virtualization and non-transparent bridge design. In response to high-intensive computing, Jasper Forest will increase performance per watt 30-70%, more than 20% reduction in blade size, and thus particularly suitable for high-density blade design types of applications.

AD736JRZ Suppliers

ext-generation Atom processor Pineview: based on 45 nanometer process technology Pineview Atom processors will further enhance the platforms flexibility and AD736JRZ Suppliers and scalability in a single board design to achieve a single-and dual-core of between the flexibility to expand, giving the Atom processor is more widely used in space. Meanwhile, the Atom platform, integrated in a complex calculation of GMCH, and further reduce the power consumption and heat dissipation, while reducing dimensions to suit the needs of the embedded market.

AD736JRZ Price

upport for embedded applications, 32-nanometer processors (code-named Westmere): This is the Intel High-k metal gate transistor technology for second generation products, this treatment devices will further improve performance, reduce power consumption, and AD736JRZ Price and in particular to strengthen the AES acceleration, thereby enhancing the communications infrastructure essential to the security of processing power.

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