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Ic AD737JR

CeBIT in Germany, and IC AD737JR and shows two interesting IWILL motherboard, AMD platform, DF88 and Intel platforms DPK66-S. Both motherboards have the common feature is that a large number of memory slots and supports dual-CPU. Iwill DF88 DF88 Motherboard AMD platform is a most amazing motherboard, which uses the latest SocketF AMD processor interface, and provides for each 8-CPU DDR channels, so that can support a total of 16 memory. 16 memory speed of running DDR2-533, 6 Tiao while running speed can be increased to DDR2-667, if only 4 memory, then to be able to DDR2-800 running at full speed. Iwill DPK66-S motherboard and Intel platforms DPK66-S support FBD memory, this memory can provide lower latency and power consumption. The board also provides 16 memory slots. Compared to the Intel platform using FBD memory, AMD that cheaper, lower power DDR2 memory is fully able to be compared.

AD737JR Suppliers

ZTE IC Design Co., Ltd. (ZTEIC) has introduced a fingerprint Key panel - Bio-TokenDisk security solutions. The program is based on the common U disk into the two-factor identification technology, users can easily carry not only information but also with fingerprint protection, to achieve accurate identification by fingerprint authentication. With the same type compared to the fingerprint U disk, this Bio-TokenDisk security solutions in security on the system performance and AD737JR Suppliers and there is a clear advantage. The solution uses a ZTEIC full independent intellectual property rights of the "cactus" series of 32-bit security processor chip as the main chip, external flash memory chip secure removable storage functionality, and provides a wealth of peripheral interfaces, the ability of various fingerprint sensors . Among them, high-speed SPI interface supports high-speed fingerprint information received. Different from those commonly used fingerprint U disk on a PC in the upper recombination characteristics of the fingerprint processing, extraction, comparison, the program processes this series of information to complete all on-chip, to avoid a direct comparison made to bypass the fingerprint command to open the storage area of the crack by means of the Bio-TokenDisk safety qualitative improvement. At the same time the master fingerprint template stored inside the chip, greatly improving the accuracy of fingerprint matching. In addition, the system also provides a perfect code protection mechanism to protect the fingerprint algorithm is not read by malicious code, and an independent algorithm for ultra-high security protected area, to protect KEY key algorithm. The Bio-TokenDisk can be widely used in e-commerce, e-government, bank payment, securities trading, social security, digital healthcare, education, examinations and other fields.

AD737JR Price

larger proportion of foreign-owned enterprises, the growth rate slowed down; foreign joint venture growth and AD737JR Price and stability; to maintain a rapid growth in the private sector; state-owned enterprises export growth declined. 1-11 months, foreign-owned enterprises exported 322.65 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.55%, an increase over the same period last year, down 12 percentage points, total exports of electronic information products up 66.6%; joint ventures exported $ 76,741,000,000, an increase of 13.13%, increase over the same period last year, down 4.58 percentage points; private sector exports 30.91 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 43.03 percent, an increase over the same period last year, down 3.64 percentage points; state-owned enterprises exported 36.007 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 15.91% over last year dropped by 10.26 percentage points.

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