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full-service operation is the development trend of international telecom operation, in fact, Ministry of Information Industry also stressed on many occasions in the 3G era balance this power, therefore, fixed-line operators access to mobile license no suspense. However, the licensing is also involved with another important topic, namely, Chinas telecom industry restructuring.

AD746JR Suppliers

"Only two companies currently involved in the mobile market competition, according to international experience, a huge market like Chinas market can accommodate more competitors." The State Council Development Research Center CHEN Xiaohong, director of the enterprise that controls the entry of the mobile communications market is too strict, market competition is not sufficient, he suggested that relax market access. "Under the conditions of frequency resources should be increased mobile license. Mobile licenses may be issued to the traditional fixed-line operators, new operators can also be sent, the key is to build a competitive licensing regime, to take advantage of frequency resources and AD746JR Suppliers and ensure fair competition. "

AD746JR Price

mentioned here refers 3G license license. All indications, the Chinese issued 3G licenses is not far away, but fixed-line operators licenses for 3G the most hope for. From 20 years ago, the first GSM network opened in Guangzhou, China has so far only China Mobile and AD746JR Price and China Unicom, two mobile operators. Declining rates in the mobile phone under the current situation, highlighting the plight of fixed-line business. It is understood that, from 2001 to 2006, the national mobile phone rates have dropped by 62%. On the same day, by the State Council Development Research Center of Enterprise Institute research group released "Mobile Communication Industry Development and socio-economic impact" shows that after 20 years of development, China Mobile Communications formed a competitive situation, but the competition is not perfect, the market structure needs to be optimized.

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