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GPS receiver in the car if we are adding an auxiliary high-precision pressure sensor to measure the height data, one can solve this problem. Now high-precision pressure sensor can be used to measure the height of 1 meter resolution, used to determine the bridge, bridge the height difference is fully competent. Of course, to solve this problem, you also need GPS map business with, measuring overpass and IC AD7522LN and elevated road surface and high dimensional data, to make overpasses and elevated road three-dimensional model, the navigation software to take advantage of barometric altimeter measurements of the height of the data guide the driver overpass and the elevated road the right road. Shanghai Municipal Government set up special funds for the linkage, just shows the kind of strategic thinking, to achieve the chip design is not linked with the whole enterprise a single day.

AD7522LN Suppliers

Databeans Inc. Said, LED is traditionally used for signs, signal lights and AD7522LN Suppliers and panels, but now involved in home and business quickly and general lighting. Although the price is daylight lamp LED 5 times the average price, but the energy is the solar LED light bulbs, 20%, and the LED lamp life is 5 times the length of daylight. In addition, 5-10 years, LEDs mandatory performance standards will be effective in lower light bulb phase-out performance. Experts forecast the next 20 years, LED will be able to help American families save energy costs over 280 billion U.S. dollars, when the LED lighting market will account for more than 70% of the total.

AD7522LN Price

At 130-139, including all 13 of first section starts with the phone number has been assigned to the Mobile and AD7522LN Price and China Unicom are the two operators after, 3G mobile phone number after the time of the new section has been put on the distribution of the letter Production Department of the agenda. Yesterday, reporters from the National Information Industry Working Conference was informed that a consensus has been reached within the Ministry of Information Industry, issuing 3G licenses in China, the new 3G users will use 15 and 18 starts with the mobile phone number. "Increasing the benefits of 15 and 18, regardless of several operators to get 3G license number will not appear the situation is not enough." Expert, who declined to be named, told reporters. It is reported that China's first 13 starts with the number of distribution are: China Unicom with a resolution of 130-133 segment, of which 133 for the CDMA-specific, 130/131 are G network number, while the mobile segment uses a resolution of 135-139. Previously, due to the increase in the number of users to quickly pressure, China Mobile has grown from 1 October 2004 started in the National Telephone Number 1394 of the mobile phone number, and Unicom is expected to start this year, a nationwide Telephone Number 132 number. The industry was generally accepted that, in paragraph 15 and 18 after the opening of the 3G license issuance. Although the number 150-159,180-189 paragraph has been identified as 3G mobile phone number after the new users, but the specific allocation scheme operators yet to be introduced. According to sources, the current operators, the MII is still the case for different studies, but may take the program, Netcom and Telecom 15 and 18 together and shared a whole paragraph, move the remaining one is allocated Unicom.

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