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The Eco-TV module is the Sunrise Ocean Blue Software Digital TV as part of the equipment used to monitor the situation, turn off those who do not need the feature to reduce power consumption . For example, in standby mode, Freeview box, the average power consumption of about 12W, then Sunrise Eco-TV Freeview box can make quick access to deep hibernation, so that power consumption plunged about 70%.

AD7541ATQ Suppliers

ulti-channel CX25838 and AD7541ATQ Suppliers and CX25858 integrated 10-bit ADC with a 5-line comb filter and 8 industry-standard NTSC / PAL video decoders, benefit in reducing noise and low compression bit rate while achieving superior digital quality output. The decoder also incorporates an integrated inter-IC sound (Inter-IC Sound, I2S) audio output of the eight high-quality mono ADC. Other features include programmable logic and motion detection 48 general purpose input / output (GPIO) pins, in order to achieve the best design flexibility and product customization. The decoder also has the optional dual data rate (Double Data Rate, DDR2) interface to enable direct connection to multi-channel H.264 codec frame interlaced video output, thus eliminating the need for external glue logic, and lower material costs. It also supports 2x2 Common Intermediate Format (Common Intermediate Format, CIF) tile pattern, of which 4 CIF image will be tiled into a D1 video stream.

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Lee Road that, in addition to the LCD panel business drag, loss of two listed companies there are other factors "interaction." History has revealed hidden losses, as poor self-control business operations.

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