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Ic AD7543KN

The device is a stereo headphone amplifier and IC AD7543KN and receiver amplifier are using the companys patented DirectDrive architecture, the use of an internal negative voltage charge pump. Therefore, to achieve the ground-referenced output, single supply conditions, almost double the expanded dynamic range. This architecture eliminates the output required for large DC-blocking capacitors. Charge pump device only two small ceramic capacitors, eliminating the need for two large-capacity (typically 220μF) tantalum capacitors. DirectDrive technology also has the complete noise suppression. The design saves board space, reduce costs, while improving the headphone drivers frequency response.

AD7543KN Suppliers

"With this new health care platform, Infineon develop cutting-edge technology for the use of medical electronic equipment to provide strong support to ensure cost-effective for the diagnosis of patients and AD7543KN Suppliers and treatment. "Infineon ASIC and power IC Kurt Marquardt, senior director of marketing, said," The platform enables measurement of the most advanced medical technology in portable devices possible ."

AD7543KN Price

Second, the international pop power, called the second generation of power, the use of highly integrated, lightweight single-ended technology, which integrates high technology components, parts, less portable, 5-layer protection, current filter more thorough, so , conversion efficiency is very high, generally up to 75%, 80% or more foreign countries are known as the 80PLUS standard! It has ultra-high temperature and AD7543KN Price and low temperature characteristics, while the power supply circuit design is superior for explosive power is very strong, very fast acceleration, more than 3 times the first generation. Large-scale fighting and shooting in the game, the second-generation single-ended power supply capacity to extraordinary CVT faster than others so that players who shot! Such power is very stable, low repair rate, is the international market, popular products, there is a quality player and white-collar workers to buy the first choice. Most of the actual power of such power in the 250W to 500W less than

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