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Ic AD7547JR

Remained relatively stable following the third quarter, the October panel prices. Oct. small / medium-sized panel prices dropped by 1-5%. Because the panel supplier inventory module manufacturers should increase the problem, in November and IC AD7547JR and December the price decline may be greater. Rise in inventories because of weaker demand in China, especially the cottage mobile phone market demand. Inventory in the channel in the clear light of these, the Chinese demand will not rebound cottage phone display.

AD7547JR Suppliers

In fact, if we are the development of Chinas IC industry from a macro perspective on the development of 12-inch production line prospects and AD7547JR Suppliers and development of ideas, perhaps, than relying more on a specific project meaningful. Semiconductor industry experts Mr. Zhu Yiwei in the "China Electronics News" interview, said: "12-inch IC production line is to encourage the development of the project countries, Chinas IC industry Eleventh Five special plan made it clear that in the Eleventh Five-Year To build five or more during the 12-inch chip production line. visible, Wo Fat 12-inch technology project is in line with national policy. If the smooth implementation of the project and to achieve profitability, in terms of Chinas IC industry is certainly a good thing . "Wo Fat targeted media technology behind the project has 12-inch giant Elpida Memory of Japan and China foundry technology leader and the support ship, Zhu Yi-Wei admitted that due to the current 12-inch production line is only suitable for CPU (central processing ), or memory, is difficult to intervene in the CPU area under the premise, the new 12-inch production line is very natural to aim at the memory market, including DRAM (dynamic random access memory) and Flash (flash memory), so if there are major memory vendors to support and orders to ensure that, in terms of new projects should be a good news.

AD7547JR Price

Which AF28-200mmF3.8-5.6XRDiAspherical [IF] Macro is Tamron AF28-200mmF3.8-5.6XR earlier the improved product, it not only for APS-C size optimized, but also joined the macro function. The lens has a full 0.49 m of the closest focusing distance, the maximum magnification of 1:4 (200mm). It has seven aperture blades, the minimum aperture of F22. AF28-200mmF3.8-5.6XRDiAspherical [IF] Macro filter diameter of 62mm, a volume of 75.2 × 71mm, weighs 354g, with lotus-shaped mirrors to avoid providing the same mask.

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