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Ic AD767BD

InfoStep India head of sales and IC AD767BD and delivery of Abhishek Peraka that small and medium enterprise business intelligence strategic direction forward. He said: "We have been in the proposed United States, Europe, Australia, Asia Pacific and Japan customers using SAP BusinessObjects solutions because business intelligence layer for business users with a rich user interface and flexible ad hoc analysis. With SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI reinforced series, customers can come from many different data sources for comprehensive and integrated analysis ."

AD767BD Suppliers

i84xx Series is the industrys highest performance digital isolators, the advantages are as follows: ? The maximum data transfer rate: Si84xx isolation in the broadest temperature range (-40 to +125 ℃), the industry to provide the highest data transfer rate (150Mbps), can replace a variety of industrial applications of the coupler. ? Low power consumption: for the "green" application optimized, Si84xx isolation at high data rates to provide low power consumption. ? the lowest jitter performance: Si84xx better than competing devices offer twice the jitter performance, the data transmission error and AD767BD Suppliers and bit error rate (BER) to a minimum. ? Excellent ESD performance: Human body model electrostatic discharge (HBM) is 4kV; device charging mode (CDM) under 2kV; machine discharge mode (MM) is 400V, in the most demanding application environments to achieve the highest reliability. ? Best of the transient immunity: Si84xx than 25kV/μs provide common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) optocoupler CMTI than 50% -100% performance increase. ? RF immunity strongest: in the demanding environments, and other digital isolators improve product performance compared to a lot of Si84xx can provide up to 300V / m electric field and up to 1000A / m electromagnetic field immunity . ? the lowest frequency electromagnetic radiation: Si84xx products and other digital isolators can be reduced up to 20dB compared to electromagnetic radiation.

AD767BD Price

talk about industry prospects, Shi predicted industry costs will continue to decline. He said that this year, including Germany, Italy, France and AD767BD Price and other European countries, electricity price sharply lower. In Germany in July this year, down 15% electricity price, fell 3% in October and is expected to fall further 10% next year. "As the industry costs decline, decline in manufacturing costs need to follow the match before." Shi said.

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