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Ic AD7714ARS-5

analysis of the logistics of the application of RFID in China, we can see there the following characteristics: First, each system is relatively closed, self-contained; the second is now using RFID tags logistics equipment, vehicles, goods before the application of the application of a single product; third is a long chain of information sharing, supply chain rely on the construction of upstream investments, downstream benefit of its characteristics. Fully consider the characteristics of the domestic RFID applications in order to find the breakthrough and IC AD7714ARS-5 and solve application problems.

AD7714ARS-5 Suppliers

can not be unified, global interoperability based electronic label does not exist, can only think of other ways. In fact, this problem is not difficult to resolve. Such as mobile phones, phone numbers are not uniform, but can be dual-band, tri-band use. RFID debate is now so big, I think we should benefit, security, intellectual property and AD7714ARS-5 Suppliers and other areas to consider this issue, do not have to adopt international standards. The current electronic information industry standards, whether standards should be considered to meet the needs of development of information industry, the standard release time is appropriate. In addition, RFID standards is a system, include a large number of standards, the establishment of standards for RFID technology system is a long process, not limited to the three current international standards, also including the application of standards, system standards, information integration standards requires the parties to the national interests and more to consider this issue.

AD7714ARS-5 Price

As for the problem of standards and AD7714ARS-5 Price and international standards, it is necessary to consider how to integrate, but also taking into account national interests and security. On the other hand, the basis of electronic tags is not strong global interoperability, this exchange rate based on coding and on a consistent basis. On the coding system, the U.S. and Europe have EPC, Japan UID, China also has its own coding system GB18973-2003 (NPC), encoding the three pillars of the situation has been formed, the only basis for coding no longer exists. As for the frequency of closed systems is now mostly a lot of low-frequency system applications, such as security and certificates. We are most concerned about in the 860MHz-960MHz range, is different from country to country, can not be unified.

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