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However, this growing prosperity of the market, but did not give us too much domestic equipment manufacturers to bring the benefits, we understand China's current high-end mass entirely dependent on imports, which means we are more favored by many foreign brands, China's market other countries has also become the object of which attract business. It really is not "petty" ah, one of the most expensive mass spectrometer have made hundreds of thousands, each almost to import 1 million to 5 million or more, a light mass of a University 211 key equipment would need to put tens of millions. But how many tens of millions of purchases of domestic products is spending it? Little bar. Peking University, Tsinghua University have made the mass spectrometer it? Unlikely estimates, and IC AD7776AR and other institutions of higher education as a scientific research base it? Together probably no more than a dozen sets it. Then the demand for more than 10% of whom are created by Agilent? Thermo Fisher? Or Waters? Word rarely turn to the Chinese brand.

AD7776AR Suppliers

U.S. professional market research firm DisplaySearch recently predicted that, as prices rebound, sales in 2007, the global LCD monitor growth of 6% over last year, reaching 73.7 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, LCD monitors, led by increase in sales this year, overall sales in the global flat panel display is also 5% growth over last year, reaching 88 billion U.S. dollars. DisplaySearch LCD monitor market in addition to investigate the situation, but also at the same time, plasma displays and AD7776AR Suppliers and organic light emitting display (OLED) to track sales survey. Luosi Yang, president of DisplaySearch said in April this year, notebook computer monitor prices have started to rise, expected to start from May, the price of flat panel display televisions will be higher. Currently, a major manufacturer of flat panel display Samsung Electronics and Taiwan, AUO and other companies are hoping this year will increase market demand. However, DisplaySearch believes that the global flat-panel displays this years overall sales growth will be lower than last year.

AD7776AR Price

Obviously, the quality of life today requires people to have more and AD7776AR Price and more, TV has long been unable to meet people's everyday leisure and entertainment needs. As a result, Samsung P2770H old, and play great effect from it - both can share the different needs of people, you can choose and set, but also to enjoy the fun and the perfect quality of large-screen LCD display. This is a User who has been talked about a long time, people desire to buy the display very Oh!

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