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Ic AD7811YRU

then, until yesterday, SVA Electron convened Annual General Meeting in 2008 adopted the "issue of shares to buy assets on the termination of a major asset with significant buying Zuo Guan Lian Jiao Yi asset restructuring of the motion, "to radio and IC AD7811YRU and television broadcasting information on electronic sale of the company held by the Shanghai SVA Optronics Co., Ltd. 18.75% stake in matters same time. To this key technologies to China, AMD spent more than two years. Its generous addition to the desire for the Chinese market with unlimited potential, there is a motive can not be ignored - AMD rival Intel is the global expansion of large-scale litigation.

AD7811YRU Suppliers

"AMD and AD7811YRU Suppliers and Intel have mutual patent license agreement, but AMD does not authorize production and sale of X86-compatible chips, unless AMD Holding of the production line to produce the chips, The AMD chip is not the production line in China as planned. "In other words, Chinese companies to design and production of X86-compatible CPU chips, but also across Intels patent barriers.

AD7811YRU Price

According to the Associated Press (AP) reported that fluctuations in the economy seemingly non-destructive smart phone (SmartphONe) flourish, then in fact economic instability, weak market sentiment, chip makers cut production through 2009 , 2010, an attempt to catch up, but skills needed, and AD7811YRU Price and it gets dragged down smart phone (Smartphone), PC, network communication equipment manufacturers. Apple (Apple) rivals even the cleverest housewife, hardly free of rice, although the plant can continue to develop brand new phone, then face the shortage of mobile phone chips, before the arrival of the winter of 2010 is difficult to soothe, no soldiers will be competition for market share on the battlefield , and more can only shake his head helplessly. In addition to mobile phones outside the factory, wireless telecom operators and enterprises are also expected, network technology upgrade will be delayed, PC market is also feared because of the shortage of components, resulting in end product prices.

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