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Ic AD7841ASZ

We know, can promote the photosynthesis of plants containing the main source for the 610-720nm wavelength red, orange light and IC AD7841ASZ and a wavelength of 410-510nm, blue, purple, and red and blue to have a certain energy ratio. Currently the factory plant general use of traditional fluorescent light sources, fluorescent spectrum of needs for the spectral composition of plant growth is relatively small, mostly infrared or far infrared light, the light source spectrum utilization is low, but also resulted in waste of energy. Fluorescent light-emitting efficiency is relatively low, the use of the environment temperature increases, the need for additional air-conditioning to maintain the ambient temperature. In addition, it is relatively short life, requiring constant replacement.

AD7841ASZ Suppliers

We have a dream, a dream that one day everyone a very low price or even free access to a wonderful book, this book brings together all human knowledge, at any time, anywhere, free to read! It is precisely because such a dream, only a grand Bambook. To this dream that we will maintain the mentality of fear and AD7841ASZ Suppliers and trepidation, to hard work, good faith belief as Bambook team, so that an early realization of this dream !

AD7841ASZ Price

Today's "avalanche photodiode" can not detect fast optical signal, because the avalanche quickly. The IBM device is fast enough, the speed can 40Gbs received optical signal. According to iSuppli, although bitterly painful 2009 compared to the global semiconductor industry in 2010 will certainly be significant improvement in the situation, but if the long-term perspective, it might only be a modest recovery this year. iSuppli predicts global semiconductor revenue in 2010 is expected to reach 279.7 billion U.S. dollars, although this is more than 230 billion U.S. dollars in 2009 greatly increased 21.5%, but the $ 258,900,000,000 in 2008 compared with an increase of only 8% in 2007 of 273.4 billion U.S. dollars compared to a paltry 2.3% growth rate.

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