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Ic AD7870CQ

Although the P510 has been mainland China Simplified Chinese version of P518, but P518 close to 3,000 of the price people feel and IC AD7870CQ and performance of this phone is not very consistent. The P510 is the price of the mobile phone market in the Gongzhufen only 1,700 yuan, or double-double charge of the configuration, so the price is quite satisfactory.

AD7870CQ Suppliers

enningWicht told reporters on the China Securities Journal, modules accounted for about 50-60% of the total cost, if the PV operator to ensure that the 8% -10% return on investment, manufacturers must reduce the price. PV firms profit is actually present in 20%, and AD7870CQ Suppliers and also to withstand the one hand, can scale to reduce costs, on the other hand can also take advantage of fluctuations in exchange rates to improve profitability.

AD7870CQ Price

2.4G is the hottest keyword, it directly into a new wireless peripherals Age: mouse, keyboard or headset , are achieved through the 2.4G wireless connection, especially with the headset the most revolutionary 2.4G! because the transmission rate of 2.4G is designed to 2Mbit / s, and AD7870CQ Price and CD-quality audio is only about 1.4M per second, so in theory 2.4G can achieve lossless transmission to solve the pursuit of the dream of wireless HiFi sound quality with a qualitative leap compared to the past! So is the revolutionary evolution is not exaggerated !

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