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data, in the first quarter, above the scale of domestic output value of electronic information industry realized 544.8 billion yuan, an increase of 36.7%, higher than the industry overall sales growth by 3.4 percentage points . Among them, the effectiveness of home appliances was the first 3 months of sales of various types of home appliances 16.03 million units, sales amount of 31.7 billion, an increase of 4.9 times, respectively, and IC AD8011AR and 6.9-fold. And this conception in the current stage is a goal to be achieved through further popularize the concept of mobile life, and promote universal mobile Internet, push the mobile industry to accelerate the completion time from 2.5G to 3G era industrial upgrading.

AD8011AR Suppliers

This includes many of the details of where to put more user-friendly software to download? How to share? Is not the introduction of the principle to try to buy? Of these operators are thinking thinking thinking operators, mobile phone manufacturers cell phone manufacturers are also thinking ideas, such as Nokia Nokia devices to consider how to more easily use this platform, Samsung, Samsung will think about the problem; Internet portal and AD8011AR Suppliers and platform for mobile service providers are considering life, is not that users can easily inside my site to download the application.

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Apple model gives us another revelation, that is, by this model is the ultimate way to encourage commercialization of innovation. At this point, I think that China Mobile may surpass Apple. This is because the MM face of the market of China Mobile, Apple iPhone will be a world than to be rich and AD8011AR Price and much wider market, where not only the rich and diverse operating systems, terminal tens of thousands, more importantly, demand for more abundant . In the traditional Internet field, China's huge PC group to promote innovation that China has entered the field of global Internet front-end innovation. Can imagine, a large group of Chinese mobile users that demand the huge driving force of innovation.

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