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[NEW YORK Aug. 20 Beijing News] sank compared to the same shape, the Apple upgrade iPhone3GS undoubtedly the most striking internal. The machine will not only enhance the camera to the mainstream level of 320 million pixels, and IC AD8031ART-REEL7 and the CPU frequency to 667MHz while the memory upgrade is also doubled to 256MB, which for the majority of players is the best iPhone news. 32GB version is currently in the business aircraft priced at 5,990 yuan digital power, prices will be our biggest obstacle to buying this machine, and interested friends may wish to continue to focus on it.

AD8031ART-REEL7 Suppliers

However, the cost disadvantage Chen Xiurong DSP only perceived weakness in one of many programs. "In other indicators of key technical parameters of the program on the DSP can not be compared with the Vweb of ASIC solutions." Chen Xiurong said, "First of all, DSP audio and AD8031ART-REEL7 Suppliers and video synchronization capability is relatively weak. Second, DSP power consumption is relatively high. to DM642, for example, the operating frequency is 600MHz, while its operating frequency Vweb the ASIC is only 162MHz. "In addition, she also pointed out, DSP delay time is 5 to 7 seconds, and the ASIC, the delay time of only 0.2 seconds. "Finally, ASIC solution with a number of proprietary MPEG-4 processing technology, a strong DSP versatility in this regard clearly can not be compared with." She said.

AD8031ART-REEL7 Price

According to foreign media reports, Google senior vice president of operations Urs Holtz, senior vice president and AD8031ART-REEL7 Price and technology in a blog post Bi Er Ku Ge Lun wrote, "We are discussing with the Internet community to improve Web performance experience is very happy. However, to improve the speed of Web software, to make surfing speed as he leafs through a magazine as fast as we need to collaborate to address the Web speed is low and the obstacles realize its full potential challenges ."

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