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Semico analyst Jim Feldhan suggested a conservative estimate of this year, an increase of 27%. If the cost of storage can hold, it is probably more than 30%. It is the same with Gartner that by 2012 there may be small in 2013-2014 and IC AD815AVR and then have a callback, and double-digit growth. It noted that, Semico tracks the 45 end electronic products, semiconductor content found in increased. For modern young people, and their electronic products for sensitive, attractive, and are not considered luxury and waste. Coupled with the global communications infrastructure to further improve and promote the network, including wireless applications. PC and mobile phones the next upgrade will be endless. Such as China, with other regions, there is more interest for the smart phone, solar energy applications, such as smart grid and other more and more attention. It is important to the global automotive market, the next to the entertainment MEMS chip maker is still a big market.

AD815AVR Suppliers

His analysis that the ripple effect by increasing the power consumption of LED performance, which may cause the junction temperature rise, and AD815AVR Suppliers and the life of the LED have a significant impact. According to experience, each lower junction temperature 10 ℃, it will extend the life of the semiconductor 2 times. In addition, as a function of operating current relative light output (luminous flux) and the diode current is closely related, so you can change the forward current dimming. In the current low, If the diode current increases twice, the light output will be doubled; but the current is high, the current rise of 100% light output only to an increase of 80%. LED will have a greater ripple by current switching power supply driven. In fact, the cost of switching power supply to some extent allowed by the current size of the decision, the greater the ripple current, lower power costs, but the light output would be affected.

AD815AVR Price

China's IC manufacturing sector also showed a strong recovery. According to Xia Ying introduced the second quarter of this year, SMIC is still a steady growth in the face of adversity, in all areas of business were significant recovery. During the quarter, SMIC revenues up 82.5% sequentially, the overall capacity utilization reached 75%, a film than the first quarter increased by 102%; In addition, in the second quarter of this year, advanced 0.13-micron and AD815AVR Price and below logic wafer sales increased 135% over the first quarter, equivalent to the total sales revenue for the quarter to 41% -6 months in February this year, SMIC's book to bill ratio has been greater than 1.

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