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Ic AD8307AR

rain leaking bad enough, almost the same time, the industry Datang equipment will be replaced outgoing message. Many equipment manufacturers who have indicated concern Datang days in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and IC AD8307AR and equipment may be replaced by pre-incident, has been basically a foregone conclusion.

AD8307AR Suppliers

LED luminous efficiency not only affects the output luminous flux, and AD8307AR Suppliers and energy consumption, the hot is another important key to widespread commercialization of LED luminous efficiency of the current analysis, 1W High Power LED luminous efficiency is about 70lm / W, of which 77% of energy as heat pattern shown, only 23% of the energy patterns of light shown, the higher the input power, the more heat generated, Hence the need for more cooling components, resulting in LED costs, lower reliability, if improving the efficiency of LED light, LED heat problem can be solved naturally. . Half-bridge LLC resonant converter .1 half-bridge resonant converter topologies About y the DC high voltage resonant power converter (boost) power supply, DC power supply PFC converter is usually part of the pre-production. Resonant circuit (or LLC loops) from the capacitor

AD8307AR Price

he benefits of this investment started it? It is obvious, according to China National Solid State Lighting Program Office, said Wu Ling, director, LED sales in the six-fold increase over the past five years, LED luminous efficiency will soon reach 100 lm / W, this chip will be able to offers a wide variety of applications.

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