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Price (yuan) CPUIntelPentiumE2140 Fan Intel 580 motherboard memory Kingston original BOXD946GZISSL799 0 DDR26671GB280 integrated graphics card hard drive Western Digital WD1600AAJS410 0 card integrated optical drive Asus E616A316XDVD-ROM150 display the Great Wall M1761299 Air Jia Baisheng C401 chassis power supply Wall ATX350P4250 waterproof mouse and IC AD8367ARUZ and keyboard set keyboard and mouse Shuangfei Yan 60 Total 3828

AD8367ARUZ Suppliers

esistance strain gauge load cell composition of complex manufactured products is complex, and AD8367ARUZ Suppliers and strain gage copper substrate combination of ever-changing according to their response requirements of the current, about nearly a thousand kinds of products. General, use of polymer film substrate material, made of high-purity constantan strain. The constantan substrate after etching by optical sensing deformation resistance of different gate wire. Therefore, the resistance strain gauge of the quality of not only the substrate material and the purity of the metal complex, but also to complex processes, etching techniques and processes, materials and chemical etching processes and materials, and so post-treatment factors related.

AD8367ARUZ Price

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