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Ic AD843KN

In addition, we should strengthen the construction of qualified personnel to improve existing software and IC AD843KN and hardware facilities, targeting the international advanced technology, based on its own to strengthen capacity-building support and protection, hybrid integration technology to enhance capacity, and ultimately all domestic hybrid integrated circuits.

AD843KN Suppliers

This is a colorful era, life is even more impressive, public broadcasting in public places to meet people to enjoy the sound, but the taste more and AD843KN Suppliers and more people of color The fault is given a higher image display industry challenges. As displayed in public places, required to screen a sophomore to be clear, while the LCD screen is too small, not waterproof; PDP on the one hand should not be placed outside, on the other hand the price is too high, life is also short; so LED came into being, It combines the body of the LCD, PDPs strengths, but also not afraid of wind rain, environmental protection, energy efficiency, it is better skill.

AD843KN Price

System and AD843KN Price and Principle ardware system designed in this paper, is the use of FPGA and DSP for high-resolution CMOS digital image OV5642 sensor image acquisition and processing. System to complete the FPGA, DSP and the OV5642 chip initialization. FPGA on the OV5642 full-resolution data acquisition. FPGA image data will be collected into a two-way deal, all the way directly to the original definition of external SDRAM data cache, the cache data read by the DSP intelligent analysis and processing; another routing FPGA hardware preprocessing, the original high-definition images into the appropriate resolution, sent to the DSP chip for format conversion, compression, etc. after transfer to the external interface. DSP analysis of the results and set under the threshold condition to determine whether high-definition image data transmission. The image frame to be transmitted into the data stream transmission. An external output interface can be processed through the system data stream to a local monitoring or remote monitoring. System block diagram shown in Figure 1.

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