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As the 21st century, the world pursued a sunrise industry, solar industry in China is caught in an awkward situation: the capacity second only to Japan, Germany, ranking third in the world, the application is very limited, more than 90% of exports of solar cells. Existing solar projects, solar water heater to boil the main bath, and IC AD846AQ and photovoltaic power generation projects are difficult. From the recent opening of the "Second International Photovoltaic Power Generation" was informed of. According to reports, the worlds photovoltaic industry to more than 30% per year growth rate of rapid development, the development of a faster than the IT industry. Chinas "daily industry" more rapidly, has grown to become the third largest PV manufacturing base. At present, the production of solar cells almost 95% for export, of which the German use of solar photovoltaic power generation equipment, 9 percent are made in China. Why solar photovoltaic power generation in China is growing so slowly? The experts believe that solar photovoltaic power generation project in China suffered three major bottlenecks: First, the price bottleneck. The current generation of coal-fired electricity price per kilowatt-hour is only 0.31 yuan, while the price of solar power per kilowatt-hour is estimated at about 5 yuan. Second, the policy bottlenecks. So far, China has not given tariff for solar power, solar power and there is no price subsidies, resulting in many solar photovoltaic system in the state of the white sun, or self-sufficiency. Third, the market will lack. In the eyes of our citizens, almost equal to the solar water heater solar energy for photovoltaic power generation is very strange.

AD846AQ Suppliers

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