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Texas Instruments (TI), chief strategic scientists GeneA.Frantz the ideal SoC development strategy should be sub-steps: a lot fewer devices device → → → less a single device device. TI in Bluetooth, DSL, phone, video and IC AD8531ARTZ-REEL7 and so on have been successful in achieving such a development process. The BluetoothBRF6150 in 0.5cm2 fully integrated on the chip logic, memory, analog, power management and RF functions, and achieve a low-cost, low power and high performance. DSLAR7 a chip about 150 discrete components. Single-chip mobile phone solution digital baseband, memory, logic, RF, power management, analog baseband rolled into one, is the industrys first digital RF technology, GSM mobile phone chips. Video DM642 will be set in one of 10 IC, reducing the bill of materials, lower manufacturing costs and can greatly shorten product development time.

AD8531ARTZ-REEL7 Suppliers

domestic polysilicon production capacity, how many? According to officials of the Ministry of Industry to provide information, decision-making sector is still not fully grasp the situation, and AD8531ARTZ-REEL7 Suppliers and the two departments are expected to joint research on whether the excess production capacity of polysilicon form a more definite conclusion .

AD8531ARTZ-REEL7 Price

In addition to top-quality decoding, playing 720P HD video outside, A6HD also has the 720P HD output, component output using color technology, A6HD can transmit high-definition video signals to digital high-definition TV, LCD flat panel to watch, you're sitting the sofa, just a fingertip remote control by infrared, A6HD it transformed into a super DVD.

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