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Ic AD9054ABST-200

(Electronic markets Reuters) According to foreign reports, the U.S. chip maker Texas Instruments Inc. has adjusted its manufacturing strategy to increase the Singapore foundry Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing for its 65-nanometer chips. Texas Instruments said that in March this year, UMC has been made in China to 65-nanometer chip, Texas Instruments OEM qualifications, the worlds largest chip maker, TSMC foundry in the third quarter of this year on behalf of Texas Instruments working 65-nanometer chips. Foundry Chartered Semiconductor to the middle of next year the time. Shanghai, China, SMIC 130nm for Texas Instruments chip foundry, according to the proposal of the Board, the final metal coating wafers Texas Instruments will conduct their own factories. Texas Instruments said the 65-nanometer chip manufacturing, it has to Chartered Semiconductor as a third foundry. Texas Instruments and IC AD9054ABST-200 and IBM, has been partnering together in New York Fishkill plant for manufacturing process development. Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing company with a faster 65-nanometer chip, the ability to meet the Texas Instruments foundry qualification assessment.

AD9054ABST-200 Suppliers

Comments: Torex (Torex) to Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was built to lift the small package delay circuit of the XC6119 series of voltage detectors. Ideal for computer system power on reset, battery voltage monitoring circuit, standby power conversion circuit and AD9054ABST-200 Suppliers and so on.

AD9054ABST-200 Price

September 9, Gigabyte Technology held in Beijing, "the ultimate magic of superior performance," Gigabyte P55 Gold listed on the conference, Gigabyte Technology Motherboard Business Unit general manager for China, Mr. Liu Wenzhong, Gigabyte Technology Board Business Group Manager, Product Planning Department, Mr. Xu Jidao, Intel General Manager, Marketing and AD9054ABST-200 Price and Channel Miss Zhang Wenyi scene, with the guests, the media to witness the Gigabyte P55 series of motherboards released the gold medal. In addition to showcasing the latest at the Gigabyte P55 Series Gold motherboard, Gigabyte also announced the official e-sports clan WE become the official sponsor and EHOME.

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