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Ic AD9500BQ

April 14, 2010, "Patriot cum mobile storage for ten years ahead of new product release 2010" opened in Beijing. With this new release of e-Patriot, indicating that domestic mobile storage "cloud" the official arrival of the era. Innovative product technology, outstanding industrial design, excellent service and IC AD9500BQ and the number one mobile storage market share, making the Patriot in this decade, always walk in the forefront of mobile storage areas, and this lead is Patriots maintained a decade-long, called "China" theme, the strength of the national brand in the mobile storage industry in the history of a miracle.

AD9500BQ Suppliers

Samsung 30nm process level that DDR3 DRAM memory chips with a capacity of 2Gb, support 1.5V standard voltage and AD9500BQ Suppliers and low voltage 1.35V, compared to 50nm technology can save up to class 30% of the power, so-called green memory (Green DRAM), another level compared to 40nm process mass production efficiency by 60%, compared with 50-60nm level process is up to twice as much.

AD9500BQ Price

products, TSMC will start next year, the first three quarters, respectively, high-performance 28nm pilot production of high K metal gate (28HP), 28nm low-power high-K metal gate (28HPL) and AD9500BQ Price and 28nm low-power silicon oxynitride (28LP) three new technology, so there is no room for the 32nm process, but according to previous claims TSMC, 32nm process at many stages of R & D results will be achieved for 28nm, such as silicon oxynitride (SiON) / poly (polySi) material in the 32-nanometer processor manufacturing .

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