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Learned from Qingdao Municipal Economic and IC AD9698KR and Trade Commission, Qingdao Green Cable Co., Ltd. According to the U.S. market demand for the development of the two cables with the international advanced level of new products recently developed and affirmed by U.S. customers. According to expert evaluation, these two new products and technological progress of Chinas cable industry has a leading role. According to reports, these two new products, namely metal sheathed cables. The product according to U.S. UL1569 standard design, installation, directly buried laying inside the building walls, unlike the traditional way to wear a tube wiring. The product has two innovations - the use of double co-extruded nylon jacket extrusion technology to solve the cable core nylon sheath prone to bias, crack, the problem is not smooth; self-designed armored equipment and technology to achieve metal band together lock armor to meet the cable systems in use in their particular security, anti-rust, tensile strength, resistance to external mechanical damage, and other special requirements. Second, power and control cables with bracket. The product according to U.S. UL1277 standard design, fire-retardant materials used in all green, the same double layer co-extrusion technology out of nylon jacket, and jacket materials available upon request with oil and heat resistance materials, in line with the EU Rohs Directive , compared with the national standard cable, environmental performance and greatly improved mechanical and physical properties.

AD9698KR Suppliers

Sheng Hua, Caijing eat twice within one year of the three generations of two plants, regarded as a win-win strategy, China wins for only the STN, because of their production lines, with a large number of mobile phone STN panel TFT panel has been replaced by Caijing won the panels, to stand firm in the coming flood of dominant position, in terms of Caijing, it is to find their own expertise in the industrial division of labor in order to do more with less. Huang and AD9698KR Suppliers and Hua Sheng, chairman of M-type was observed not only the social development of the trend can also be used in industrial development, small-size panel is toward the M-type social development, while the most expensive black and white STN panels, one side is the TFT panel, color STN panel is a group of middle fall, winning three generations of Chinese eating the Caijing plant to transition from color STN to TFT. In particular, there will be over half of this years global mobile phone is TFT panel, Wintek cut before this wave of mobile phones in the TFT of the flood, will not be eliminated. After all, Caijings expertise in large-size panels, can the small-size panel of professional small-size panel makers to win China, very consistent with the principles of specialization, while there are large amounts of cash to invest also in turn improve the financial structure, but with the money used associated with large-size panels in the business.

AD9698KR Price

CEVA will be closed August 14, 2007 in Shanghai, China Hotel Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong hold a one-day technical workshop, mainly for the embedded engineering community, for the participants on the latest products, solutions program and AD9698KR Price and the application of technical information, to develop highly differentiated and competitive system-on-Chip (SoC), and these SoC by the worlds leading semiconductor companies and used by OEM. Workshop agenda includes experts from the CEVA made of talks, covering different applications for different aspects of SoC designs, including portable media players, HD audio devices, VoIP phones, MobileTV mobile phones. At the meeting, CEVA will discuss the selection criteria for the processor, efficient and effective application of DSP development technology integration approach. In addition, CEVA partners will participate and present their solutions to further enhance the CEVAs product selection and to help users design a competitive SoC. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit the CEVA latest demonstration platforms, including Mobile-Media2000 - at 30fps up to D1 resolution can be under the H.264 encoding and decoding processing; for fully-integrated residential gateway platform VoIP Demo , can support up to 8 channels; and applications for mobile and home fully integrated 5.1 surround sound audio platform demo. CEVA Vice President of Sales, Asia GweltazToquet said: "CEVA first technical seminar held in Shanghai will be Chinas chip and system design provide an excellent opportunity to learn how to use the latest DSP architecture and software solutions based on DSP program development and deployment of differentiated products, fully meet todays highly competitive consumer and communications markets. We hope this event will be a success, and help deepen the Chinese engineers, product and service groups on the cognitive CEVA. "

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