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The basic material of the Netherlands Foundation for research staff Pawuliete Springs developed a good conductive properties of new plastic. Experts pointed out that this will lead to a revolution in consumer electronics: mobile phones using this material, and IC AD9731BR and MP3 players and other electronic products will become easy to break. The results are published in a recent issue of "Physics Review Letters" on. Prince noted that todays consumer electronic products have penetrated into all areas of our daily lives, but most electronic products, including mobile phones, integrated circuits and chip is very brittle and expensive silicon material, is dropped after being squeezed or easily damaged and deformed. Why can not people familiar with the compression, crushing the plastic manufacturing everyday consumer electronics products? This is because most existing conductive plastic is a thousandth of semiconductors. Conductive material in the charge process is moving, the movement of charge in the plastic material mainly by structural limitations. Plastics from the polymer composition, which contains a number of complex chain structure. The main obstacle is the conductivity of these end of the chain, chain, chain rupture and the chaos in and around the structure and other factors. Springs through the study found that a German production of plastics and plastic are usually very different, it has a very special structure. For example, in the usual plastic, the molecular chain structure was asymmetric, there is rupture of the phenomenon, and this new chain is a kind of plastic? 220; ladder "structure, this structure has a new physical properties, similar to at present we use a semiconducting properties. According to experts, that is, made of plastic semiconductor and electronic products will soon be a reality. Accordingly expected future prices of electronic products will become cheaper.

AD9731BR Suppliers

Recently, the market research firm Semico once again lowered the forecast on the semiconductor market, semiconductor market growth is expected in 2007 to only 1.8%. The current overall business climate make this once again lowered forecasts market research firm, Semico president JimFeldhan said, "We expect the market there is downside risk." "Although unit sales growth remained strong, but in 2007 the problems already facing falling prices." the whole chip is expected in 2007 unit shipments will grow by 8%, but average selling prices (ASP) is expected to decline 4-5%. Semico forecasts in the original, the average price is only down 1%. Therefore, the company expects the overall chip market in 2007 grew by only 1.8%, while sales growth in 2006 was 9.2%. This is the second reduction Semico 2007 semiconductor market forecast. 200 in the fall, Semico has forecast 2007 sales growth of 7%. However, in March 2007, the decline in capacity utilization and AD9731BR Suppliers and inventory increased, Semico forecast growth will be reduced to 5.8%. The first quarter of 2007, poor market performance. 1st quarter of 2007, Semico forecasts the semiconductor market due to seasonal factors will be down 4%. But now, the company forecasts a quarter will fall about 7%, the impact of factors including rising oil prices and the real estate market downturn and other problems. He said, "Inventory is still a problem, NAND flash memory is still too much inventory." Another bigger problem is that because of weak market, causing the average price decline in the chip, which in turn affects the specific analog semiconductor, DSP, discrete devices, mobile LCD driver IC market performance. Another issue is capacity utilization, especially for leading technologies such as 90-nm process. He said, "90-nm capacity utilization had fallen below 90%." Forecast of other agencies seem to be more optimistic, but have also reduced their forecasts. But for 2008, Semico adhere to the chip industry will grow by 15%.

AD9731BR Price

Embedded Systems trend toward the development of embedded network fundamentally changed its structure, but the structure is a micro-controller in the choice of the people must be considered. Micro-controller must have multiple network protocol interface, to transfer and AD9731BR Price and verify large amounts of data, adequate security, as well as memory and processing power to accommodate a large number of protocol stack; and, in many cases, very little energy consumption must also be under the premise of these tasks. 8-bit and 16-bit processor is clearly on the memory resources and processing power will not meet the requirements, Xu still need 8-bit and 16-bit processors have a "deterministic performance" (deterministic performance), and regulatory functions, which are on 32-bit processor is very rare. In addition, cost-sensitive systems have 8-bit and 16 bit microcontrollers similar to the price and the price of supporting the development tools must be easy to accept.

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