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In summary, the industry began to think, the high growth momentum in the semiconductor industry, what from? Also, although investment growth this year, 87%, even more, but the semiconductor equipment industry is still the mood to laugh, 08 and IC AD9775BSVZ and 09 years against giving too much equipment industry, every year about 50% decline. Although again near full capacity utilization, but the chip average selling price ASP, did not rise but fall, can not explain. In addition, because nearly full capacity utilization, that foundry customers to protect the interests of large, but disagree for small customer orders, resulting in the so-called "repeat orders" a phenomenon, bringing chaos to the industry, and inventory increased.

AD9775BSVZ Suppliers

Valentine's Day salute to say, this stuff really good. You receive the family's chocolate girl, how have to buy decent stuff still home for me. Happened, innovative technology companies think you are thinking, especially launched the "pure music, pure love, CREATIVE Headphone white portrait of White Day promotion" activities, a pair of white high-quality headphones, a unique Valentine's Day gift, with pure music to explain the mind share of pure love, so that every couple immersed in this sweetly holiday. Want me to say, this is really cheap you! Specific activities are as follows :

AD9775BSVZ Price

" Zero delay "- Shuangfei Yan days away G7 series of efforts to promote the technology, following several zero-latency wireless mouse and AD9775BSVZ Price and keyboard on the market after the success of Shuangfei Yan recently launched a set of wireless optical 7100, 7100 is a suitable set of wireless optical wireless package HTPC use, stylish, unique design, the keyboard's numeric keypad also has the direction of the mouse control. It is reported that this has been a large number of sets of wireless optical 7100 arrival in Shenzhen, only 138 of the value price you can buy this wireless set.

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