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CirrusLogic introduced 24-bit stereo CODEC, to expand its low power consumption for portable applications, audio converter ICs. With its highly integrated and IC AD9777BSVz and high-performance audio output, CS42L52 a large number of external components by reducing overall system cost savings. To external speakers 1W per channel of highly efficient Class D amplification, or 44mW per channel enough power to drive stereo headphones, the portable audio CODEC also features a single power supply to run its core flexibility, and the Class D amplifier directly connected to the battery supply for a more efficient operation. Combination of flexible features makes CS42L52 ideal for portable consumer electronics applications audio CODEC. These applications include portable media players, gaming devices, MP3 player accessories, IC recorders, digital cameras and portable recorders. CS42L52 created by CirrusLogic recently launched on-chip negative power supply voltage, low power audio CODEC innovative design techniques. Ground-centered outputs, CS42L52 can reduce sonic boom started to improve low frequency response, and eliminates costly, space-consuming DC blocking capacitors. This can reduce costs and simplify product design and make products smaller. The CODEC can also improve the master clock support, which includes standard audio frequencies, USB and video clocks. This limitation in the number of clocks in the system can provide designers with a flexible, low-power solutions. CS42L52 with digital signal processing engine, digital volume control, headphone / speaker detection switch, and including MIC preamplifier, programmable gain analog bypass mode arrays and flexible signal routing. This integrated Class D speaker driver also can be directly connected to the battery power supply, simultaneous monitoring of voltage and compensate for any decay. CS42L52 has a 98dB dynamic range, providing low-noise high-performance audio output, integrated solution to provide flexibility and reduce overall system cost. CS42L52 40-pin QFN package. In the 1.8V voltage conditions, the use of stereo headphones playback mode power consumption of only 13mW.

AD9777BSVz Suppliers

four years, the Founder of what happened inside, and AD9777BSVz Suppliers and now the leadership of Founder Group, was thinking, what to do? They want to make a century born out of the prestigious Beijing University, has many brilliant, honor, and criticism of the large enterprise groups into the future?

AD9777BSVz Price

From a competitive point of view, SE2601T through the use of silicon-based IC process technology, integrated DC blocking capacitors required, and AD9777BSVz Price and based on gallium arsenide (GaA) of the competing products is the need for external capacitors, it occupies more more board space, and WiFi solutions increase the cost of materials.

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