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The Asian electronics market in Shenzhen City firm ast Vimicro new Asian electronic market in Shenzhen City, Vimicro firm fast semiconductor devices and IC AD977BRZ and chips in the research and development, production, sales and application services. The integration of the field of power from the initial research and development, expand the memory, digital home appliances and other fields. And Shenzhen, with IC

AD977BRZ Suppliers

Avagos optocoupler family include the latest products, 1 MBd single channel digital optocoupler ACPL-M43U, 10 MBd logic gate optocoupler ACPL-M61U, and AD977BRZ Suppliers and contains AlGaAs layer coupled to the built-in optical high gain photo detector intelligent power module optocoupler ACPL-M46U. These new high-speed digital optocoupler with low power consumption and high common mode transient rate (CMR, Common Mode Transient Rate), can bring transient noise and EMI immunity capability, but also can eliminate ground loops. Avagos ACPL-M43U, M46U and M61U optocouplers are in line with most of the industry security standards such as IEC / EN / DIN EN 60747-5-2, UL 1577 and CSA requirements.

AD977BRZ Price

, "armor" soldiers occupying a top spot in the shape at the same time and AD977BRZ Price and comprehensive network cover design makes a strong case for more cooling capacity, the front panel air duct of the increase in thermal enhanced, making the effectiveness of air convection inside the chassis greatly improved, say no more obvious reason. With "armor" soldiers of the door division famous patriots, and with the high heat in the 83 series chassis family, believe that "armor soldiers" can be "cold" cool in the end, its capability to solve for DIY users to upgrade or dual-core computer configuration brings cooling problems.

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