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Ic AD9806KST

It is understood that Matsushita new LED lamp life 40,000 hours, equivalent to 5.5 hours a day, if used, can be used for 19 years, is 40 times normal incandescent bulbs, while the consumption of power is the same brightness of incandescent light bulbs only 1 / 8, the product was large and IC AD9806KST and Cathay Pacific to enter the securities described "LED imminent war." In fact, LED lamps ranging from World War II exploded, LED LCD TV has long been and smoke flavor. Samsung Korea is currently promoting the LED LCD TV plant the most active, Taiwan businesses to be outdone, will be released LED LCD screen new products. As the price break the noble past impression, LED LCD screen, enter the Warring States Period. BenQ will launch this week, the new LED LCD screen, the new product price spreads and significantly narrow the gap between traditional LCD screen, the smallest spread narrowed to less than 1,000 yuan NT, Asustek will also launch related products meet the challenge.

AD9806KST Suppliers

since 2005, with the domestic telecommunications market development, increased demand for network operators to stimulate construction, optical fiber and AD9806KST Suppliers and cable industry has been in steady uplift period, but the volume has not been enlarged, this trend could change in 2009. Northeast Securities Financial and Industrial Su-Ping Ma, research fellow in the "China Electronics News" interview, said that, first of all, with the drive of domestic 3G network construction and the construction of a smooth upgrade of broadband, including other industries such as radio and television communications, electricity demand expansion increase, resulting in domestic demand for optical fiber and cable industry, greater than the supply of the phenomenon occurs, generally tight supply optical fiber and cable products, this trend leads directly to higher performance of the industry. Second, because the market demand is greater than supply has also led to higher prices of optical fiber and cable, the lower gross margin compared to the previous case, the price increase for the first quarter also directly contributed to the report.

AD9806KST Price

May, bingo International Film Museum in Beijing held a grand and AD9806KST Price and grand conference, and every day more than a group portrait shows the auspices of the auspices of the Olympic hostesses to help out, it is to live by, including the Danish People's Republic of Nineteen countries, including the Embassy Embassy diplomats for their support, bingo, Beijing conference a truly international cultural exchange event in the industry, audio industry in China's IT industry are even unique.

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