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Ic AD9832BRU

2008 released the efficient lighting of the National Interim Measures on Management of financial subsidies products, 2008 is 50 million fluorescent lamps, the actual completion of 62 million. 3 as originally planned 50 million per year in 2009, plans 1 million, is to be completed three years of work into two years, in fact, expect 2009 to be exceeded 1 million. A few days before Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao hosted the Climate Leadership Group and IC AD9832BRU and the administrative inspection team will, at the meeting announced that 2009 is 100 million 20 million, many local governments and enterprises in their efforts to include financial subsidies to the semiconductor lighting Development and Reform Commission put it into the discussion, but there is a premise that the energy efficiency of LED energy-saving products can not be lower than the existing energy-efficient products, on this premise can be considered.

AD9832BRU Suppliers

city of ten thousand on the part of ten experts made a number of different views, I think that LED lighting is now used in general lighting applications, and AD9832BRU Suppliers and whether it is street lighting, outdoor lighting or indoor lighting, is not now or at maturity, should be in the pilot model should be actively promoted, but as a large-scale application I think the time has not arrived yet. Not mature to this level. For example, ten thousand of the ten cities, the attitude should be positive we must be cautious, mainly because of the quality of products, of course, there are still some price, price and general LED lighting in the price of conventional is not necessarily an advantage, should be emphasized that product quality, from the business perspective must be based on the user is responsible to the community, do not blindly pursue price, to bid, and to concentrate on product functionality, performance in this regard to the issue, to ensure product quality to users responsible for the consumer is responsible for the community. Also from the perspective of local governments should also be in line to the community, because most of the products is that the Government pay for street lights.

AD9832BRU Price

Standards and AD9832BRU Price and Evaluation system for the LED industry is still not perfect, part of the standard last year, also discussed Chinas national standard committee report, 2008 Annual Report is basically no approved national standards of China, held in 2009 raised the standard forum for standards and control standards to pay attention quality, particularly in the national standards of quality. Several countries reported in 2008 the standard, I think is not very mature. Shanghai and Beijing are now a lot of work, such as Shanghai about 100 street lights do on the test, Beijing is also doing this test, as the standard release must be a lot of accumulation and a lot of information, otherwise it is not cut practical.

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