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Ic AD9852AST

Fresco Logic general manager, said that while USB is the most common transport interface, but the promotion of 3.0 is bound to take time, Fresco Logic is a competing relationship with NEC, will be work together to expand the market to USB2.0 to promote the results as the target, stunning the market, a single vendor can not be swallowed. well-known manufacturers from South Koreas Zalman ZM1000-HP power supply is a very good solution to precisely this series of thorny issues, in order to bring high-end players a real sense of energy quality.

AD9852AST Suppliers

to select high-end power was 1000W-level users, the performance of power has become almost decided the fate of the core issue of this power, since huge amounts of money have been spent on the ultra-luxurious configuration computer configuration, of course, it can not make do choose a cheap material, not the United States the power, the power supply of parts on the huge demand is actually very demanding, the power of the selected good or bad will have a direct bearing on whether the whole high-end performance normal play, however, a large power supply is also very natural it will bring noise, heat a large and AD9852AST Suppliers and resource conversion rate and other issues, and how to solve such problems as power supply manufacturers urgent need to address the problem.

AD9852AST Price

As mentioned above, HKC Hurricane 400P material solid and AD9852AST Price and reliable design, power setting can meet the full demand for mainstream configurations, is also worth mentioning that, HKC hurricane 400P of the standby power of only 1W, is in line with the current new trend of energy saving hardware, application of Internet cafes or office space but also reduce electricity costs, is a valuable return power products. The price of power products such excellent intentions but no people, only 109 yuan! Price so high, similar products in the market can be said is unmatched, HKC hurricane 400P, recommend when the focus in the Zanji!

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