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all the best in the market situation, in fact, been accompanied upstream raw material shortages, price increases the embarrassment, the industry has said this during the PCB manufacturing basic raw material "up Potential ferocious. " Upstream raw material prices, mainly glass fiber, glass fiber cloth, copper foil substrate materials, the price of these three all the way up, the three products to increase this year alone had more than 80%, which makes printed circuit board downstream the first three quarters of this year to enjoy strong demand in order to bring a lot of joy, it is also compressed profit margin to withstand the pain of being squeezed.

AD9858BSVZ Suppliers

MAX16050 has an additional advantage, MAX16050 devices innovative design sequencing engine with various power without changing the signal connection, you can change the power order. In addition, the device does not require additional discrete components and AD9858BSVZ Suppliers and / or modify the power circuit board in order to complete the configuration.

AD9858BSVZ Price

According to foreign media reports, thousands of twinkling as the market changes, the microprocessor, DRAM and AD9858BSVZ Price and NAND flash memory prices decline rapidly, the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) re-analyzed the market situation and reduce the 2007 Global chip (chip) sales growth in the forecast, is expected to increase from the previous 10% down to 1.8%. SIAs latest forecast, in 2007 global semiconductor sales total 2,520 billion U.S. dollars, 2010 is expected to rise to 3,060 billion U.S. dollars. The number of forecasts from several key markets, the current average selling price declined.

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