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ADC08200CIMT Suppliers

RAM Kingmax 2GDDR2800 previously described packaging and ADC08200CIMT Suppliers and not much difference, through the transparent plastic case we can see Kingmax Guan unique security chip, the other can see the SPD chip. Kingmax memory frequency 2GDDR2800 DDR400, single 2G, uses a green PCB 6 layer board, 16 double-sided welding, the working voltage is 1.8V, pin number 240PIN, with DDR2-DIMM interface specification, the memory number K82U05720001 , origin is Taiwan. Kingmax memory chip particles 2GDDR2800 have "KINGMAX" words, the use of FBGA package, memory particle number KKB8FFBXF. Goldfinger full use of chemical gold plating coating, micro-chip capacitors and high quality 8PIN resistance welding neat row.

ADC08200CIMT Price

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