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Ic ADC12034CIN

It is understood that the laptop screen appears for the problem of snow, which more than 100 consumers from May through the beginning of telephone service and IC ADC12034CIN and other means and HP has representations in China, but so far have not received a formal reply to the other side, "not even an official statement issued." "Daily News" yesterday, HPs official site in China did not find the computer on which the relevant instructions. "Daily Economic News" recently contacted a number of laptop computer problems which reflect consumers, these consumers said they are now ready to hire a lawyer to sue collectively HP China, which seeks compensation or a refund machine. Case ◆ Shanghai Sun: "I bought a HP NX6330 notebook. As far as I know, ready to sue Hewlett-Packards consumer has more than 64. But as they have no connection to the lawyer, so the HP can not collective action into the proceedings. snowflake screen exposed since the event from May, HP has not had an official note, there is no reasonable explanation for the consumers. to HP engineers call, he told me to brush Bios, brushing my notebook After leading the entire motherboard broken, the screen will be ruined. has been to communicate with them, but never completely solve the problem. Now my laptop is repaired, but there are still snow-screen problem. This is a hardware issue, not a brush can be a good Bios , the only well to the transition point of a few colors, but also the expense of the many other features the screen itself, for example, when the movies have a lot box. But HP engineers to conclude that video card driver The problem, brushing Bios just fine. actually not the case, look at the pictures after brushing is really no problem, but a professional display software to test it, it is all gray, the process is in the gray box , with the snowflake is exactly the same ."

ADC12034CIN Suppliers

although China Unicom has been very mysterious, but the relevant person in charge of China Unicom also said that Apple and ADC12034CIN Suppliers and China Unicoms headquarters on matters relating to negotiations iPhone into China has not stopped. But we rarely hear what China Unicom announced news, most of them rumors flying.

ADC12034CIN Price

in the railway transport capacity limited, focusing on the coordination of the contract will be the essential component. Transportation of coal production per year to be the focus of convergence will be responsible for this task. But this requires a good supply of both supply and ADC12034CIN Price and demand ahead of signing the contract, including price.

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